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Authors present the results of the study on the A. Authors employ well known methods of research — statistical analysis, grouping, evaluation, predicting etc. In the course of the present research by synthesis of theoretical developments and practical experience decision making model is made.

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JEL codes: M11, M31 Introduction Research problem: The global economic crisis kaip pašalinu riebalus proven that changes of the financial situation in the world directly affect consumption. As a result, many companies went bankrupt; many increased the operating efficiency or re-structured the operations.

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Hence, the following assumption was proven true: each company is potentially interested in determining the bcbs svorio kompensavimo forma, which the consumer is ready to purchase, for which goods the consumer is ready to spend money at his or her disposal.

Research purpose is on the basis of consumer behavior analysis to develop model of decision making for needs of entrepreneurship, especially for trading organizations.

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Research object is customer needs and possibility to classify them for ensuring right decision making. The main goal of research is to classify a goods according to the consumer needs.

Very special role in presented research is devoted to analyze the theories and to integrate them into the consumer behavior model, at first, structuring of goods and services in the relevant models. Research tasks are to analyze possibility classify good according their impact on consumer needs; to merge together latest findings in customer needs analysis with existing well known consumer behavior mo- 1 Ieva Andersone — Riga Technical University, Faculty of Engineering Economics and Management, lecturer.

Scientific interests: Marketing, Consumer behavior. Regional Formation and Development Studies, No.

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Research methods: Conventional quantitative and qualitative data analysis methods of the economics science and management science have been employed. Latvian consumer portrait Consumer behavior is known to be affected by a range of various factors.

Several authors with globally recognized researches have conducted studies on mutual interaction of factors, they have grouped, analyzed bcbs svorio kompensavimo forma evaluated them, etc.

One of the key parameters important in each study of consumer behavior is the demographic profile or consumer portrait. Upon summarizing the information available in scientific studies, the author concludes that factors that form the demographic profile of a consumer are as follows: age, gender, occupation, education, marital status, income, living conditions, and lifespan Evans, Berman, Since the authors studies the consumer behavior of Latvia, the authors performed an analysis of the relevant statistical data in order to create the Latvian consumer portrait.

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At the beginning of the yearthere were 2 million thousand lieknėjimo įdaras in Latvia. Within a decade, since the beginning of the yearthe population has declined by thousand people Central Statistical Bcbs svorio kompensavimo forma, High concentration of inhabitants of Latvia is observed in the capital — at the beginning ofthousand people lived in Riga However, sincethe number of bcbs svorio kompensavimo forma living in Riga has declined by 66 thousand Central Statistical Bureau, The average size of a household in is 2.

In cities, 1—2 person households are the most common, and their proportion in was The parameter of household size is one of the important parameters for bcbs svorio kompensavimo forma consumer behavior.

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Normally, according to the size of a household, the volume and structure of consumption is forecasted, as well as the future potential demand is planned Central Statistical Bureau, Household consumption expenses on average in the country, if calculated per member of household, in were Latvian Lats further: LVL The main consumption priority in all households is expenses for subsistence — At the same time, expenses for food on average per member of household have decreased from LVL The second biggest expense item after food since has been transportation expenses, however inthe second biggest item was expenses for housing and utilities.

It is the household expense item, in which an increase in costs is observed several years in a row, and it indisputably affects the overall consumption cost structure.

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Upon summarizing the study results, the author has created the portrait of a Latvian consumer. The Latvian consumer is generally The consumer is of working age and has paid employment with the average income of LVL per month, spends income for food The consumer portrait can be used in entrepreneurship for making marketing planning decisions.

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The stronger bcbs svorio kompensavimo forma motivation, the faster the consumer makes a decision on consumption also purchasing. Motivation is affected by a range of factors: functional ability of a person, energy, interests, authorities, social standards and norms, external stimuli, situations, etc. The purchase of goods or the use of services is equally affected by several motives.

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When analyzing, which of the motives of existing and potential clients at this time and in the nearest future could be decisive, when determining the use of a product, then, in fact, the following question must be answered: what will be the benefits for the performer of activity Veide, Members of the society often consume services and goods not due to necessity, but instead guided by various other motives, they cannot be easily measured, but they can be identified and their variable factors can be determined Praude, Upon summarizing the messages related to A.

The authors realize that it is infeasible to implement identical classification in all markets. Bcbs svorio kompensavimo forma authors wishes to emphasize that such classification can be formed, by setting restrictions according to geographic, economic, political, religious, national, and other restrictions.

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Furthermore, such classification is limited in time. In order to combine the said theories and to integrate them into the consumer behavior model, at first, structuring of goods and services in the relevant models must be carried out.

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Authors assume that within the framework of one social layer, the level of hierarchy of satisfying the needs, to which a group of goods belongs to, can be precisely determined. Regional FoRmation and development StudieS, no. Distribution of products and services in accordance with the Maslow hierarchy theory Source: figure by the authors Figure 2.

Relationship of A.

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